and the well-being of any person

A healthy diet is essential, and the well-being of any person, regardless of gender or disease. But the precise changes in diet can help women to increase the body's natural ability to fight cancer. We regularly with pesticides, hormones and other chemicals to food intake, designed to improve the yield and shelf-stable. These chemicals like estrogen in the body and can lead to the growth of hormone-dependent tumors. When a woman's body has been breast cancer, chemotherapy damage, which is particularly harmful. Change your diet to fight breast cancer one step, is to improve the all-organic food intake, and eliminate many harmful chemicals from your diet as much as possible. Important that you know the different factors that may increase your risk. Most of these belong to a blood relationship. The probability becomes high, many genetically diagnosed with the disease. Young, 40 years old, your relatives, and the Big C diagnosis, your opportunity. Your relatives have cancer in the breast or breast and ovarian cancer run in families. Also increases the possibility of a male relative with this cancer diagnosis. The radical mastectomy mastectomy surgery highest level. Here, the breast, the auxiliary lymph nodes and chest wall muscles were removed. In the past, this process is more common. Today, this is no longer the last resort, in fact, this is only done when cancer has spread to the chest muscles. Modified radical mastectomy is usually sufficient.