check out breast cancer during pregnancy

Taichung, Taiwan, a 30-year-old new mother breastfeeding postpartum month, erythema around the nipple, and thought it was only up to milk the phenomenon. Unexpectedly, even after a diagnosis of breast cancer, immediate termination of feeding, three months after the chemotherapy, full mastectomy. The 30-year-old women, during pregnancy did not feel breast abnormalities, gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and also normal lactation, a month later, the new mothers to feed your baby, right breast around the nipple inflammation-like erythema think up milk, to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, the diagnosis is inflammation of the skin, eat the antibiotics still not alleviate, referral to clarify the hospital for further examination of the breast medicine clinic. King-Jen Chang said, ultrasound, long an approximately 5 cm breast cancer found right below the nipple, and axillary lymph node has metastasis, is the third of breast cancer, after three months of chemotherapy, full mastectomy, The subsequent postoperative chemotherapy is currently undergoing. King-Jen Chang pointed out, found this during lactation breast cancer incidence of about 3000 one, often overlooked up milk circumstances, once perceptible, the tumor volume is not small. Physicians believe that in the early stages of pregnancy, women may have breast cancer, due to a variety of related hormones increase during pregnancy, making the breast tissue proliferation and vascular supply than usual rich, swollen breasts quickly, lymphatic cited the circulation strong in early the diagnosis of the tumor, a certain degree of difficulty, may thus delayed in gold treatment period. . Physician, check out breast cancer during pregnancy, and the best is the treatment of breast cancer and also to continue the pregnancy process, in general, first trimester of pregnancy, consider the miscarriage, but pregnant Phase II and Phase III breast cancer Bu Zhiyu affect the safety of the fetus, the third trimester of late, could be considered as soon as two weeks after giving birth to mastectomy. Dean King-Jen Chang stressed that breast cancer patients have been getting younger and younger, pregnant women, breast cancer, more physical and mental harm, suffering, called for pregnant women to have a new concept of anti-cancer, regular check-ups at the same time, be sure to receive breast cancer screening, and more on an insurance on the health protection of one more. Themselves as having breast lumps during pregnancy, and must not be taken lightly, and must be further examination, breast ultrasound plus needle biopsy, to avoid a major blow to the pregnant woman and the fetus. Clarify hospitals in Taiwan and Hong Kong Branch Dean King-Jen Chang urged pregnant women, check-ups at the same time, it is also best to accept the breast cancer screening, breast cancer about 1 in every 3,000 pregnant women are a big blow to the pregnant woman and the fetus.